The best hair oil for your hair type

The best hair oil for your hair type

How to find the right hair oil?

In our day to day busy life, we try and minimize every extra effort that we can to save some extra time for ourselves. That is why when it comes to using oil for your hair we tend to keep it aside. Thinking of all this extra effort of putting oil massaging washing it off etc. Ignoring all the amazing benefits of using hair oil at a regular interval.
Almost in every ancient Civilization, we have seen uses of some of the other oil for skin and hair care.

Here's why you should definitely consider using hair oil. Benefits of hair oil:

Natural hair conditioner:  when it comes to hair conditioning there is nothing better than some natural hair oil to condition your hair instead of any chemical-based synthetic hair conditioners.  As it is natural does not contain any chemical which can react with your scalp or damage the outer layer of your hair.

Instant hair shining:  applying a few drops of natural hair oil on your palm rubbing it against each other and Spreading it throughout the hair provides instant hair shining.  Also, it keeps the moisture locked inside the hair so the hair stays more soft and hydrated.

Hair strengthening:  natural hair oil has a lot of vitamins minerals fatty acids and proteins which helps to regain the hair strength and make the hair stronger and prevent unnecessary breakage.

Stimulate the hair follicles:  applying natural hair oil on a regular basis help stimulating the growth of hair follicles. As these hair oils pack with Vitamin protein and on the other goodness it is like food for the hair follicles. So Applying Hair Oil on the scalp and massaging tp stimulate the blood circulation on the scalp and helps to provide the oxygen and other nutrients.

Reduce hair fall: due to all the above-mentioned benefits, the hair becomes healthy and stronger so the chances of hair loss also go down significantly.  As hair oil has hydrating and moisturizing properties applying it route to tips also ensures that you don't get any split ends especially for longer hair due to any dryness.

Different hair oils types.
Broadly we can categorize natural hair oil into two segments.  the first one is carrier oils Like olive oil, avocado oil, Almond oil, Argan oil, coconut oil, etc.
The second type of oil is Essential oils like Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, tea tree oil, Lemongrass oil, sandalwood oil, etc.

Choosing the perfect hair oil:

Since we have So many options floating on the market these days, it is very likely to get confused when it comes to using the right hair oil for individual needs and goals.

Mixing and matching of small adequate amount of Essential oil with the carrier oil provide the best result for hair growth prevention of damage and repairing the damaged hair.
Like to fight with regular hair problems? almond oil and argan oils combination are one of the best. As It has Omega 3 fatty acid vitamin E and other nutrients it helps to grow the hair hen fight hair fall and dryness.
In the same way, to fight with health infections dandruff combination of coconut oil and lemongrass or tea tree oil is extremely beneficial.
So when it comes to choosing your own hair oil always keep in mind a few important things like if you are facing any problem or issue related to hair and scalp or it is just the basic hair nourishment that you're looking for. Depending on your goal you choose the right kind of hair oil.
Last and not the least do remember not to use hair oil without washing and drying your hair and scalp to get the best results out of the hair oil treatment.

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