5 best ways to use activated charcoal for skincare

5 best ways to use activated charcoal for skincare

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Uses of activated charcoal have increased in recent days but using charcoal-based cosmetics, medicines skincare products are nothing new to this world.  We have seen uses of this amazing ingredient in different cosmetics and skin care products in many ancient cultures as well as ancient Egyptians used charcoal to make their eyeliner. In ancient India, one of the first hair dying agents was charcoal dust.

Activated charcoal work as a Toxin bonding agent which bond with the toxin and prevent the absorption.  That is why activated charcoal is also used In the medical room and modern medicine as well for the Prevention of drug overdose And poisoning by medical practitioners.

The same principles follow in skincare as well.  Because of the toxin Binding character, It easily sucks out the skin impurities and stops the absorption of that in the skin.

Though there are numerous health benefits And uses of activated charcoal that below mentioned are five top skincare uses that you must know To keep your face and skin stunning always.

Face and body cleanser: 
Using activated charcoal gel cleanser is one of the best ways to easily clean the face get rid of The dullness due to excess sebum and oil production From the sebum gland. Using activated charcoal gel-based cleanser on a daily basis maintain the skin pH balance as it soaks up the excess oil.

As Skin exfoliating: 
Using charcoal best skin exfoliating products or using activated charcoal in Homebase exfoliating and cleansing agents like Honey, Milk Cream enhances the effectiveness of skin exfoliation.  Weekly two to three times Exfoliating with charcoal face Scrub will keep your skin healthy and glowing.

As Face pack:
Use activated charcoal in face pack At least once in a month to Detox the skin from accumulated toxin build-up due to exposure to everyday pollution. Charcoal paste face pack helps to prevent skin inflammation as well.

As Peel off mask:
When activated charcoal best beauty products started trending the first product which got a lot of attention was a charcoal peel-off face mask.   it is very Highly Effective in unclogging the clogged skin pores and also pluck out the whiteheads and blackheads in the t-zone area of the face.

As Antibacterial :
Activated charcoal has a good amount of antibacterial property which makes this as a  healing agent as well for skin rashes and acne. Mix active charcoal with aloe vera or Honey and applied on skin rashes it will give a soothing effect and will help to heal the Rash faster.
Using activated charcoal cleansing gel-based skin cleanser is very Highly Effective stopping the acne breakout.

Active charcoal powder can be used in paste form to heal even small insect bite Skin allergy as well.

Skin care

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